Our team brings deep experience in all areas of intellectual property prosecution, litigation, acquisition, and counseling.

Our Dallas Intellectual Property Attorneys Can Help

Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP is a full-service intellectual property boutique based in Dallas, Texas. Our Dallas intellectual property attorneys are dedicated to listening and responding to each client’s specific needs. We have the technical expertise and legal acumen to provide innovative and practical advice to help you acquire and defend your intellectual property rights around the globe.

Intellectual Property Attorneys in Dallas: Cases We Handle

The experienced IP attorneys at Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP understand the personal and financial risks associated with intellectual property. We can provide you the insight needed to help you make the best business decision for your situation. Our lawyers handle cases involving:

Under U.S. law, a patent provides inventors and subsequent owners of a patent with the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale or selling the patented invention in the United States. A patent also provides the right to exclude others from importing the invention into the United States from other countries.  Our Dallas patent lawyers have extensive experience representing clients from diverse industries to obtain and defend patents and to respond to accusations of infringement. The firm’s experience in obtaining patents extends beyond practicing before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our patent attorneys also navigate the numerous requirements to obtain international patent protection, including the filing of an international patent application and nationalizing a patent in the countries where our clients desire protection.  We have connections with patent agents around the world who assist us in obtaining and enforcing patent protection in other countries on behalf of our clients.

A trademark provides its owner with the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the sale of certain goods or services. A trademark can be used to prevent others from using confusingly similar marks. However, it does not prevent others from making or selling the same goods or services under a different mark. At Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP, our Dallas trademark attorneys provide a full spectrum of trademark services to our clients, including registration and litigation. Before obtaining a trademark, our intellectual property lawyers evaluate and assess the mark for availability and distinctiveness.  For clients who are selling goods and services in other countries, we can assist in obtaining trademark protection directly in those countries or through an international Madrid Protocol filing.

A copyright protects original works of authorship, such as dramatic, artistic and intellectual works. A copyright provides its owner with the right to prevent others from making additional copies of the copyrighted work. It also prevents others from making derivatives of the copyrighted work. Our Dallas copyright attorneys help clients register and protect their creative works. The value of copyright registration should not be underestimated, because it allows the owner to recover attorney fees and statutory damages in the event of copyright infringement.

Trade secrets are used to protect certain business information and techniques from other competitors in the industry. Trade secrets are beneficial for business methods, strategies, client lists and any other information providing you a competitive edge over your competitors. Our Dallas intellectual property lawyers help clients maintain trade secret protection for their confidential business information. We also help clients seek injunctive relief and/or damages through trade secret litigation when theft or misappropriation occurs.

Licensing can be a beneficial way to monetize your intellectual property. Our licensing lawyers help clients understand the true value of their IP assets. Then, we can help strategize and draft a licensing agreement based on your best interests and business goals. In addition, we help clients use licensing as an alternative option to litigation.

When intellectual property disputes arise, litigation can be an option to recover damages from offending parties. Our intellectual property litigation lawyers bring experience and competence to the courtroom. We have litigated many intellectual property infringement suits with good results. We can help with any intellectual property litigation, whether involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

In today’s global economy, acquiring international intellectual property can be as important as acquiring it domestically. Obtaining international IP requires deep knowledge of global intellectual property law as well as reliable connections with agents around the world. Our Dallas IP attorneys help clients on a daily basis with international patent and trademark protection.

Intellectual property issues frequently arise in connection with mergers, acquisitions, and business ventures.  Our Dallas lawyers have extensive experience with such corporate due diligence, including auditing the IP provisions of a corporations contracts as well as the patent and trademark portfolios.  Conducting due diligence using attorneys with intellectual property expertise can help avoid unforeseen consequences in mergers and acquisitions or in connection with asset purchase agreements.

Our Other Practices

In addition to intellectual property law, our Dallas lawyers help clients with franchising as well as aviation law.

Our franchise and distribution practice is national and international in scope. We have represented clients in more than 100 countries with nearly every phase of the franchising process. We help our clients handle matters involving:

  • Business concept refinement
  • Franchise document preparation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sales

Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP represents clients across the aviation industry in a variety of different cases. Our aviation practice is led by Vincent Allen, who is also a pilot and an A&P technician.  We also have military aviators in the firm who have been involved in our aviation practice. We defend product manufacturers in product liability lawsuits. We also defend repair stations and airmen against Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement actions. In addition, we assist clients with aircraft acquisitions and administrative proceedings before the FAA.

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