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At Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP, we help companies understand, quantify and monetize the true value of their intellectual property assets around the globe. Our experienced, Dallas intellectual property lawyers provide crucial insights and advice for businesses desiring to leverage their IP.

What Is IP Licensing?

An intellectual property license transfers intellectual property rights from the owner (licensor), to another person or entity (licensee). In return, the licensor receives compensation in the form of fees or royalties from the licensee. Intellectual property licenses can include various terms and conditions about:

  • Exclusivity. A license can give the licensee exclusive rights or non-exclusive rights to the intellectual property.
  • Payment. A license determines the payment structure of the licensee for using the intellectual property rights.
  • Infringement. A license can determine responsibility for both parties about how to enforce intellectual property rights. It can also determine liability for infringement.

Keep in mind that these are just three examples of the numerous issues that are typically addressed in an IP license. License agreements can be complicated. They demand extensive knowledge of the intricacies of IP law and can require extensive negotiations between parties.

How Our Licensing Attorneys Can Help

At Carstens, Allen & Gourley, LLP, our licensing lawyers help companies and entrepreneurs understand the risks and benefits of leveraging intellectual property. There can be many advantages to licensing your intellectual property rights.  Licensing can allow for product and brand expansion. It can provide opportunities to expand into different geographical areas. It can also be used to avoid litigation when exposure or infringement accusations arise. Depending on your goals, we can draft and negotiate a license agreement that fits the circumstances.

IP Monetization

For many companies and individuals, licensing intellectual property is a means to monetize. It is important to understand and quantify the true value of your IP assets before trying to license or sell them. Our Dallas licensing attorneys can help you determine the value of your intangible assets. Then, we can help you monetize them. We help clients with patent licensing, trademark licensing, trade secret licensing, and copyright licensing.

Licensing a Patent

Protecting inventions was once as simple as filing a patent application and trying to ensure that third parties did not infringe. All too often, that approach led to many patents, but little in terms of value. We can help you implement a better approach by monetizing your portfolio through licensing. We have experience doing so with a wide array of portfolio sizes, including portfolios as small as a single patent and as large as 5,000 patents.

Licensing as an Alternative to Litigation

Litigation is not the best course of action in every situation. When infringement issues arise, licensing can be used as a cost-effective alternative to litigation. However, an effective program may require licensing efforts in combination with strategic litigation against select infringers. Our Dallas intellectual property lawyers work closely with clients in advance of any litigation to craft the strategy best suited to each individual client’s needs. Depending on the circumstances, licensing should be considered.

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