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Pirates Beware: Amazon Patent Aims to Sink Shipments of Counterfeit Products

Gone are the days of pirate ships bristling with cannons and chests of stolen treasure.  Modern pirates operate computers, and their valuable targets are often intangible.  Nonetheless, their thievery remains a scourge of modern commerce . . . . at least it once was. Amazon’s newly patented technology (US10664797B2) is the equivalent of a full broadside against modern-day intellectual property pirates. pirate_symbol

I suspect the pirates are rightfully concerned.  After all, if you were selling counterfeit goods, how would you like it if Amazon.com gave customers the option to certify a product’s authenticity?  Yet, this is precisely what Amazon’s new patented technology threatens to accomplish.

The technology allows certification of a product’s compliance with any specified criteria using a distributed electronic ledger.  Importantly, as a product moves through its supply chain, the product’s properties, such as its source, composition, and third-party certifications, can be authenticated.

For the consumer, the technology helps confirm that an item is what it purports to be. From a manufacturer’s perspective, the technology builds trust with consumers. For Amazon, the technology reduces the number of headaches it faces caused by counterfeit products and may even drive additional sales.

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